Children’s Camp

Children Campentering grades 4-6
Openings still available for most weeks! 
If a camp session you want is FULL, you may put your child on a wait list.  Email Shirley

OVERNIGHT CHILDREN’S CAMP is available for campers entering grades 4-6 at the cost of $365.00 per week. Overnight Camp starts on Sunday with check-in beginning at 5:00pm. Camp concludes on Friday with pick-up at 3:00pm.
*$325 discounted week
**$300 discounted week (dismiss at 8pm on July 3)

Children’s Camp Sample Schedule (PDF, 108 KB)

Extreme Camp 

Boys:  June 8-13*, June 15-20, June 22-27, June 29-July 3 ** and July 13-18 (Full)
Girls: June 8-13* and July 13-18

This camp will be packed full of challenges and competitions that will stretch your mind, body and soul. Your skills and courage will be tested with extreme activities. Come and experience it for yourself. You will also be challenged by people who live the extreme life, having experienced the radical love of God. This camp will not disappoint. Here are a few of the activities you can expect:

  • boating
  • capture the flag
  • swimming
  • horseback riding
  • indoor ropes
  • ropes challenge
  • canoeing
  • archery
  • mission impossible
  • Carl’s quest
  • man vs. wild challenge
  • the blob
  • digging into the Word of God
  • and much more!

Wild West Camp 

Boys:  July 6-11
Girls:  June 15-20, June 22-27, June 29-July 3**(Full), July 6-11

The frontier has disappeared from the land of the fruited plain, and there is no longer a need to worry about your survival. If you choose to take part in this camp, you may experience the “wild west” of the new millennium. Activities will revolve around challenges that rivaled the old west. In order to provide extra involvement with the horses, you will steer away from the boating activities. While experiencing the wild activities planned during this week, you may more deeply appreciate the accurate accounts of the wild characters of the Bible.

  • horsemanship training
  • trail rides
  • wilderness adventures
  • swimming
  • carnival
  • rodeo
  • pioneer challenge
  • canoeing
  • “The Gold Rush”
  • archery
  • creek exploration
  • iceberg
  • hoedown
  • exploring God’s Word
  • and much more!

Splash Camp 

July 20-25, July 27-August 1, August 3-8* (Full for girls)

If you enjoy your stay on dry land, this camp is not for you. This camp promises water everyday, all day. Carefully crafted water activities will keep you cool in the heat of the summer. You will also hear of the refreshingly cool love of God. Here are just a few of the activities awaiting you:

  • tubing
  • swimming
  • luau
  • creek exploration
  • ultimate water event
  • slip shod slap dash
  • Everest challenge
  • canoe water polo
  • Water trampoline
  • horseback riding
  • canoeing
  • extreme water sports
  • soaking in the Word of God
  • and much more!