Facility Rental

Guest Group Manager:  George Daugherty  330.315.5612

How do I rent Camp Carl?

The Camp Carl facility is made available for rental: September 1 – May 15. If you are interested in using the facility for your next event, please follow these SEVEN EASY STEPS:

STEP ONE: EVALUATE THE CAMP CARL FACILITY on the website to see if our facility will meet your needs. Download the following documents for review:

  1. Retreat Planning 101
  2. Camp Carl Retreat Brochure, (PDF, 1.6MB)
  3. Floor plans of the buildings: Adult Retreat Center Memorial Retreat Center (PDF, 36KB) Large Cabins,
  4. Terms and Conditions, (PDF, 32KB)
  5. Referrals/Testimonials


STEP TWO: SCHEDULE A TOUR If you think our facility will meet your needs and you have never been to Camp Carl, please call the office 330.315.5665 and schedule a tour.

STEP THREE: CONFIRM THE DATE Once you have determined the facility is a good fit, you should confirm the date availability. The office staff at camp are able to do this during your tour or upon initial contact.

STEP FOUR: COMPLETE AND EMAIL A RESERVATION REQUEST Once you have determined that Camp Carl is right for you, a Reservation Request Form must be completed and sent to April Norton

STEP FIVE: SIGN AND RETURN THE CONTRACT WITH THE DEPOSIT After you have emailed or mailed the reservation request, the office staff at camp will generate a contract mailing to the address provided. Your reservation will not be confirmed until we receive a signed copy of the contract with the deposit. If we do not receive your contract 30 days after your receipt, you will be contacted by our office if another group is interested in reserving the facility.

STEP SIX: STAY IN CONTACT WITH CAMP STAFF Our staff has a desire to accommodate the needs of your group, and communication is key to reaching that goal. Please keep in contact with our team prior to the event to ensure an excellent experience. Call or email George Daugherty one month prior to your event

STEP SEVEN: LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK. Your feed back is very important to us and we value your ideas. Please take to the time to communicate your experience at Camp Carl. Encourage us with what went well and challenge us to improve. Click here to complete survey