Frequently Asked Questions about Camp Carl Summer Camp


Bathing suits: 

Can my daughter wear a Tankini instead of a one-piece bathing suit? Yes, provided that the midriff section is completely covered (Tankini examples).  All bathing suits should be modest.



How many counselors are in a cabin with the children?  There are three or four counselors in the cabins with the children (max number of campers per cabin is 12).  They sleep in the cabins with the children.

How old are your counselors?  Most of our summer staff are college-aged.  Some may be as young as 16, but they serve in an auxiliary capacity and are not the “head counselor” in a cabin.



Do you feed the kids supper when they arrive on Sunday evening?  Yes.  Once most of the kids have checked in and the parents have left the campers have a meal at their cabin circle and get to know one another and their counselors.

Do I need to pack a lunch for my day camper?  No, lunch, dinner and snacks are provided for your camper when he/she is here. 

Can I send food with my camper?  You are welcome to send candy/snacks with your camper if you like, provided they are in a sealed container.  Outpost campers should refrain from bringing additional food.  Please remember that excessive sugar and carbs may give your camper a stomachache and/or contribute to disruptive behavior.  We provide three meals and two snacks daily for the overnight campers.

Beverages:  It’s going to be hot this week; will my camper be well hydrated?  We offer water at all the activities around camp and juice and/or milk at meal times.  We always encourage campers to drink plenty of fluids during the day/week.

Allergies:  My child has food allergies, should I pack them special food?  Our kitchen staff easily accommodates most food allergies.  Please contact the kitchen manager prior to camp starting if your child has special needs.



I forgot my login information, should I create a new account?  No, do not create a new account; please contact the office at 330.315.5665.

I want to add photo and email and my camper is at camp right now, is it too late?  No, it’s not too late; please contact the office for assistance.


Check in: 

What time do I bring my camper?  Check in is Sunday from 5pm to 6pm for overnight campers.  Check in for Explorer camp is 9am, Monday through Thursday.  Please contact the office if you will be late.


Pick up:

What time is pick up?  Friday at 3pm.  Please be prompt!  Your camper wants to see you and our counselors need time to clean up the cabin and surrounding areas before their dismissal meeting.  Pick up for day camp is daily at 6pm Monday-Thursday and 3pm on Friday.

Is there a closing program?  There is no closing program for the parents of overnight campers; we do not have the facilities to accommodate such a large group.